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Value Functions For Environmental Management

ISBN 10 : 9789401588850
ISBN 13 : 9401588856

Environmental decisions must satisfy a multitude of objectives and the matching of a plan, policy or project to such objectives is a matter of both facts and value judgements. Valu..

Municipal Waste Management In Europe

ISBN 10 : 9789401594769
ISBN 13 : 9401594767

Nicolas Buclet and Olivier Godard In terms of economic scale, waste management is one of the two most important environmentally oriented sectors. 1 It stands at the cross-roads in ..

The Waste And The Backyard

ISBN 10 : 9789401591072
ISBN 13 : 9401591075

Controversies concerning the siting of facilities for the disposal and treatment of hazardous but also domestic waste are widespread in all of the industrialized countries. The par..

Multiobjective Decision Support For Environmental Management

ISBN 10 : 9789401128070
ISBN 13 : 9401128073

Multiple criteria decision making is a major and rapidly growing field of research. Methods resulting from this field of research are used in this book to develop a Multiobjective ..