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The World To Come A Novel

ISBN 10 : 0393066878
ISBN 13 : 9780393066876

"Nothing short of amazing."—Entertainment Weekly A million-dollar Chagall is stolen from a museum during a singles' cocktail hour. The unlikely thief, former child prodigy Benjam..

The World To Come

ISBN 10 : 9781524731816
ISBN 13 : 1524731811

In The World to Come, Jim Shepard (“Without a doubt the most ambitious story writer in America” —The Daily Beast) traverses both borders and centuries. Seamlessly inhabiting ..

The Life Of The World To Come

ISBN 10 : 9781466889019
ISBN 13 : 1466889012

Leo Brice is dead, in a sense (not the traditional one). When the neurotic law student meets his cosmic match in Fiona Haeberle, an impulsive spirit and burgeoning soap star, all s..

And The Life Of The World To Come

ISBN 10 : 9780814634134
ISBN 13 : 0814634133

How do worshippers understand the poetic line "and the life of the world to come" when they pray the creed? Are they thinking of a geographical destination? A celestial community t..

The Life Of The World To Come

ISBN 10 : 1429910445
ISBN 13 : 9781429910446

From idea to flesh to myth, this is the story of Alec Checkerfield: Seventh Earl of Finsbury, pirate, renegade, hero, anomaly, Mendoza's once and future love. Mendoza is a Preserve..

The World To Come

ISBN 10 : 0334018153
ISBN 13 : 9780334018155