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The Republic Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 9780295804149
ISBN 13 : 0295804149

In the dramatic narratives that comprise The Republic of Nature, Mark Fiege reframes the canonical account of American history based on the simple but radical premise that nothing ..

The Republic Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 0295993294
ISBN 13 : 9780295993294

The Republic of Nature reframes standard accounts of American history based on the simple but radical premise that historical events are shaped by natural circumstances. From the n..

The Republic Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 9780295991672
ISBN 13 : 0295991674

Focuses on the role of nature in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's philosophical development, and the environmental effects of the Manhattan Projec..

Irrigated Eden

ISBN 10 : 0295989742
ISBN 13 : 9780295989747

Irrigation came to the arid West in a wave of optimism about the power of water to make the desert bloom. Mark Fiege�s fascinating and innovative study of irrigation in southern ..

The Blue The Gray And The Green

ISBN 10 : 9780820347158
ISBN 13 : 0820347159

The Blue, the Gray, and the Green is one of only a handful of books to apply an environmental history approach to the Civil War. This book explores how nature--disease, climate, fl..

Nature S Metropolis Chicago And The Great West

ISBN 10 : 9780393072457
ISBN 13 : 0393072452

A Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and Winner of the Bancroft Prize. "No one has written a better book about a city…Nature's Metropolis is elegant testimony to the proposition tha..

Under Western Skies

ISBN 10 : 9780195086713
ISBN 13 : 0195086716

For decades, the story of the American West has been told as a glorious tale of conquest and rugged individualism--the triumph of progress. But recently, a new school of historians..