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The Republic Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 9780295804149
ISBN 13 : 0295804149

In the dramatic narratives that comprise The Republic of Nature, Mark Fiege reframes the canonical account of American history based on the simple but radical premise that nothing ..

The Republic Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 9780295991672
ISBN 13 : 0295991674

Focuses on the role of nature in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's philosophical development, and the environmental effects of the Manhattan Projec..

Irrigated Eden

ISBN 10 : 0295989742
ISBN 13 : 9780295989747

Irrigation came to the arid West in a wave of optimism about the power of water to make the desert bloom. Mark Fiege�s fascinating and innovative study of irrigation in southern ..

The Republic

ISBN 10 : 9781773137056
ISBN 13 : 1773137050

The Republic is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC, concerning the definition of justice, the order and character of the just city-state and the just man—for thi..

This Republic Of Suffering

ISBN 10 : 9780375703836
ISBN 13 : 0375703837

Assesses the impact of the enormous carnage of the Civil War on every aspect of American life from a material, political, intellectual, cultural, social, and spiritual perspective...

Nature Next Door

ISBN 10 : 9780295804453
ISBN 13 : 0295804459

The once denuded northeastern United States is now a region of trees. Nature Next Door argues that the growth of cities, the construction of parks, the transformation of farming, t..

Anthropology And Nature

ISBN 10 : 9781134463282
ISBN 13 : 1134463286

On the basis of empirical studies, this book explores nature as an integral part of the social worlds conventionally studied by anthropologists. The book may be read as a form of s..