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The Organic Chemistry Of Drug Design And Drug Action

ISBN 10 : 9780123820310
ISBN 13 : 0123820316

The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action, Third Edition, represents a unique approach to medicinal chemistry based on physical organic chemical principles and reaction ..

The Organic Chemistry Of Drug Design And Drug Action

ISBN 10 : 9780080513379
ISBN 13 : 0080513379

Standard medicinal chemistry courses and texts are organized by classes of drugs with an emphasis on descriptions of their biological and pharmacological effects. This book represe..

The Organic Chemistry Of Drug Design And Drug Action

ISBN 10 : 9780080571232
ISBN 13 : 0080571239

This is a new approach to the teaching of medicinal chemistry. The knowledge of the physical organic chemical basis of drug design and drug action allows the reader to extrapolate ..

The Organic Chemistry Of Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

ISBN 10 : 9780126437317
ISBN 13 : 0126437319

The Organic Chemistry of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions is not a book on enzymes, but rather a book on the general mechanisms involved in chemical reactions involving enzymes. An enzym..

An Introduction To Medicinal Chemistry

ISBN 10 : 9780198749691
ISBN 13 : 0198749694

For many people, taking some form of medication is part of everyday life, whether for mild or severe illness, acute or chronic disease, to target infection or to relieve pain. Howe..

The Practice Of Medicinal Chemistry

ISBN 10 : 9780124172135
ISBN 13 : 012417213X

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, Fourth Edition provides a practical and comprehensive overview of the daily issues facing pharmaceutical researchers and chemists. In addition ..

Medicinal Chemistry Of Anticancer Drugs

ISBN 10 : 9780444626677
ISBN 13 : 0444626670

Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs, Second Edition, provides an updated treatment from the point of view of medicinal chemistry and drug design, focusing on the mechanism of a..