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The Fourth Discontinuity

ISBN 10 : 0300065124
ISBN 13 : 9780300065121

This book draws on history and legend, science and science fiction to consider the complex relationship between humans and machines. Bruce Mazlish argues that just as Copernicus, D..

Perspectives On The Computer Revolution

ISBN 10 : 0893913693
ISBN 13 : 9780893913694

This is a completely revised and updated edition of this text designed to introduce students to the historical, intellectual and social context of computers. Although the majority ..

The Fourth Turning

ISBN 10 : 0307485056
ISBN 13 : 9780307485052

This astonishing book will change the way you see the world -- and your place in it. With startling originality, The Fourth Turning illuminates the past, explains the present, and ..

Out Of Control

ISBN 10 : 9780786747030
ISBN 13 : 078674703X

Out of Control chronicles the dawn of a new era in which the machines and systems that drive our economy are so complex and autonomous as to be indistinguishable from living things..

The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions

ISBN 10 : 9780226458144
ISBN 13 : 0226458148

A good book may have the power to change the way we see the world, but a great book actually becomes part of our daily consciousness, pervading our thinking to the point that we ta..

The Advancement Of Science And Its Burdens

ISBN 10 : 0674005309
ISBN 13 : 9780674005303

How did Albert Einstein's ideas shape the imaginations of twentieth-century artists and writers? Are there national differences between styles of scientific research? By what mecha..