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Straight To The Bottom Line

ISBN 10 : 1932159495
ISBN 13 : 9781932159493

This book provides a clear understanding of performance improvement opportunities and what is at stake if these opportunities are overlooked. It outlines a powerful and logical app..

The Bottom Line On Integrity

ISBN 10 : 1586853805
ISBN 13 : 9781586853808

Long-time motivational speaker and corporate consultant Quinn McKay, has distilled his lifetime investigation of business integrity into a single volume. McKay offers business peop..

Shakespeare Einstein And The Bottom Line

ISBN 10 : 9780674039650
ISBN 13 : 0674039653

How can you turn an English department into a revenue center? How do you grade students if they are "customers" you must please? How do you keep industry from dictating a universit..

The Bottom Line

ISBN 10 : 9780895842442
ISBN 13 : 0895842440

This study explores whether there is a demonstrable connection between gender diversity and organizational financial performance...

Tyranny Of The Bottom Line

ISBN 10 : 1881052753
ISBN 13 : 9781881052753

Explores the factors contributing to the disparity between worker and CEO compensation, as well as the disregard for personal morality in the corporate culture, and suggests method..

Company Command

ISBN 10 : 0788121537
ISBN 13 : 9780788121531

A "Dutch-Uncle" approach to advising those who assume "first" command. Written by an Army officer primarily for Army company commanders, the book contains information, suggestions,..

Change And The Bottom Line

ISBN 10 : 0566080109
ISBN 13 : 9780566080104

• How do you plan and implement change? • How do you monitor progress? • What models and concepts are available to help? • How can you identify resistance - and deal with i..