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High Performance Web Sites

ISBN 10 : 0596550693
ISBN 13 : 9780596550691

Want your web site to display more quickly? This book presents 14 specific rules that will cut 25% to 50% off response time when users request a page. Author Steve Souders, in his ..

High Performance Web Sites

ISBN 10 : 9780596529307
ISBN 13 : 0596529309

Presents a collection of fourteen "rules" to help optimize the performance of a Web site...

Even Faster Web Sites

ISBN 10 : 9780596555849
ISBN 13 : 0596555849

Performance is critical to the success of any web site, and yet today's web applications push browsers to their limits with increasing amounts of rich content and heavy use of Ajax..

High Performance Browser Networking

ISBN 10 : 9781449344726
ISBN 13 : 1449344720

How prepared are you to build fast and efficient web applications? This eloquent book provides what every web developer should know about the network, from fundamental limitations ..

High Performance Responsive Design

ISBN 10 : 9781491949962
ISBN 13 : 1491949961

Annotation Responsive web design's dirty secret today is how bloated everyone's implementations are. Many developers are loading sites full of the styles, images, and JavaScript fo..

High Performance Mobile Web

ISBN 10 : 9781491913673
ISBN 13 : 1491913673

Optimize the performance of your mobile websites and webapps to the extreme. With this hands-on book, veteran mobile and web developer Maximiliano Firtman demonstrates which aspect..

High Performance Images

ISBN 10 : 9781491926666
ISBN 13 : 149192666X

High-quality images have an amazing power of attraction. Just add some stunning photos and graphics to your website or app and watch your user engagement and conversion numbers cli..