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Brian Eno

ISBN 10 : 9781441148063
ISBN 13 : 144114806X

On the back of his published diary Brian Eno describes himself variously as: a mammal, a father, an artist, a celebrity, a pragmatist, a computer-user, an interviewee, and a 'drift..

Joe Meek S Bold Techniques

ISBN 10 : 9780692368589
ISBN 13 : 0692368582

Joe Meek’s Bold Techniques updates the 2001 print edition, and features a new Introduction, an additional chapter, and a newly restored and remastered version of Meek’s legenda..

Dance Music Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781136115745
ISBN 13 : 1136115749

So you want to learn the ins and outs of creating dance music and looking to improve your production? Then this book is just for you. No matter what genre you are interested in- tr..

The Definitive Guide To Jython

ISBN 10 : 9781430225287
ISBN 13 : 1430225289

Jython is an open source implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented scripting language Python seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. The predecessor to Jytho..

Loose Space

ISBN 10 : 9781135993177
ISBN 13 : 1135993173

In cities around the world people use a variety of public spaces to relax, to protest, to buy and sell, to experiment and to celebrate. Loose Space explores the many ways that urba..

The Legendary Joe Meek

ISBN 10 : 1901447200
ISBN 13 : 9781901447200

A fascinating biography of Joe Meek who was widely recognised as Britain's first real independent pop music producer and hailed as Britain's answer to Phil Spector. He turned out m..

Handbook Of Corporate Finance

ISBN 10 : 0273688510
ISBN 13 : 9780273688518

Aims to help you understand and apply the essentials of corporate finance with speed and confidence. This topic touches various aspects of your business: from deciding which capita..

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