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Jack Fingleton

ISBN 10 : 9781741763126
ISBN 13 : 1741763126

Jack Fingleton is one of Australian cricket's most important and intriguing characters. In John Arlott's words: He is himself?and a diverse himself it is.' Fingleton was an outstan..

Bradman S War

ISBN 10 : 9780857960924
ISBN 13 : 085796092X

When World War II ended, Bradman assembled an army Hailed as one of the greatest cricket teams of all time, the 1948 'Invincibles' are the only Australians to complete a tour of En..

Cricket A Political History Of The Global Game 1945 2017

ISBN 10 : 9781317557296
ISBN 13 : 1317557298

Cricket is an enduring paradox. On the one hand, it symbolises much that is outmoded: imperialism; a leisured elite; a rural, aristocratic Englishness. On the other, it endures as ..

Harold Larwood

ISBN 10 : 9781849164566
ISBN 13 : 1849164568

Winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year, this is the first ever biography of Harold Larwood. Larwood, one of the most talented, accurate and intimidating fast bowlers of..

Bradman S Band

ISBN 10 : 070223141X
ISBN 13 : 9780702231414

Don Bradman is the Eternal Flame of cricket. As the greatest batsman of them all, Bradman consumed bowlers like a firestorm. Such a fabled and long career cast an immense shadow ov..

Records Are Made To Be Broken

ISBN 10 : 1740971167
ISBN 13 : 9781740971164

Before the arrival of Don Bradman, the greatest batsman was Bill Ponsford. He held all the first-class batting records and was ranked among the best of all time, including WG Grace..

Douglas Jardine

ISBN 10 : 0413772160
ISBN 13 : 9780413772169

When Douglas Jardine and his team set sail for Australia in September 1932, a controversy was raging in Australia between Don Bradman himself and the Australian Cricket Board. Brad..

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