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Irresistible Forces

ISBN 10 : 1841121703
ISBN 13 : 9781841121703

This book is about - but not only about - Napster. The story of Napster is important in its own right, but its legacy even more so. The phenomenon that surrounds Napster has highli..

Internet And The Law

ISBN 10 : 9781610693509
ISBN 13 : 1610693507

The world of Internet law is constantly changing and is difficult to follow, even for those for whom doing so is a full-time job. This updated, everything-you-need-to-know referenc..

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Economics And Society

ISBN 10 : 9781506346175
ISBN 13 : 1506346170

Economics is the nexus and engine that runs society, affecting societal well-being, raising standards of living when economies prosper or lowering citizens through class structures..

Handbook Of Research On Computer Mediated Communication

ISBN 10 : 9781599048642
ISBN 13 : 1599048647

Technology has changed communication drastically in recent years, facilitating the speed and ease of communicating, and also redefining and shaping linguistics, etiquette, and soci..

Cyber Criminology

ISBN 10 : 1439829500
ISBN 13 : 9781439829509

Victimization through the Internet is becoming more prevalent as cyber criminals have developed more effective ways to remain anonymous. And as more personal information than ever ..

Generation Digital

ISBN 10 : 9780262263894
ISBN 13 : 0262263890

Children and teens today have integrated digital culture seamlessly into their lives. For most, using the Internet, playing videogames, downloading music onto an iPod, or multitask..

Capturing Sound

ISBN 10 : 9780520261051
ISBN 13 : 0520261054

"Roth Family Foundation music in America imprint"--Prelim. p...

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