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Ireland S Civil Engineering Heritage

ISBN 10 : 1848891709
ISBN 13 : 9781848891708

A lavishly illustrated history of Ireland's civil engineering projects...


ISBN 10 : 0727726277
ISBN 13 : 9780727726278

Civil Engineering Heritage: Ireland covers the areas of Ulster in the north through to Munster in the south, Leinster in the east and midlands and Connaught in the west. It describ..

Civil Engineering Heritage Scotland Lowlands And Borders

ISBN 10 : 0727734873
ISBN 13 : 9780727734877

This penultimate book in the Civil Engineering Heritage series for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland describes the visionary projects that created the opportunities for tr..

Civil Engineering Heritage Scotland Highlands And Islands

ISBN 10 : 0727734881
ISBN 13 : 9780727734884

This book completes the Civil Engineering Heritage series for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. It is an inventory and a guide to a selection of historical engineering wo..

Civil Engineering Heritage

ISBN 10 : 0727725181
ISBN 13 : 9780727725189

This volume covers Northern England, from the Scottish border to the southern edge of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and South Yorkshire. It is divided into eight geographical area..

Ingenious Ireland

ISBN 10 : 0684020947
ISBN 13 : 9780684020945

Ingenious Ireland takes readers on a magnificent tour of the country's natural wonders, clever inventions, and historic sites. Richly illustrated and meticulously compiled, Ingenio..

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