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Iphone The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781449357535
ISBN 13 : 1449357539

With the iOS 6 software and the new iPhone 5, Apple has two world-class hits on its hands. This sleek, highly refined pocket computer comes with everything—cellphone, iPod, Inter..

Iphone The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781491979228
ISBN 13 : 1491979224

iOS 10 for the iPhone includes a host of exciting new features—including an all-new Messages app, updates to Maps, Search, 3D Touch, and widgets. And the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have..

Iphone The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781491953457
ISBN 13 : 1491953454

The iPhone may be the world’s coolest computer, but it’s still a computer, with all of the complexities. iPhone: The Missing Manual is a funny, gorgeously illustrated guide to ..

Iphone Uk The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781449397715
ISBN 13 : 1449397719

With multitasking and more than a 100 other new features, iPhone 4.0 is a real treat, cooked up with Apple ™s traditional secret sauce of simplicity, intelligence, and whimsy. iP..

Iphone App Development The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781449390648
ISBN 13 : 1449390641

Anyone with programming experience can learn how to write an iPhone app. But if you want to build a great app, there's a lot more to it than simple coding: you also need to know ho..

Macos Sierra The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781491977217
ISBN 13 : 1491977213

With Sierra, Apple brings never-before-seen features to macOS—like Siri voice control, file sharing across all your iOS devices, picture-in-picture mode for iTunes and Safari, an..

Ipod The Missing Manual

ISBN 10 : 9781449344306
ISBN 13 : 1449344305

Apple’s iPods continue to set the bar for media players, with bold new features like the Touch’s supersized screen and Siri voice control. But iPods still lack a guide to all t..

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