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Iphone Obsessed

ISBN 10 : 9780132659598
ISBN 13 : 013265959X

Obsessed with the instant gratification of taking pictures with his iPhone, designer-photographer Dan Marcolina dedicated an entire year to a series of mobile image experiments. Hi..

Create Great Iphone Photos

ISBN 10 : 9781593272852
ISBN 13 : 1593272855

Every day, millions of people carry a sophisticated camera in their pocket—their iPhone. Many people use their iPhones to take snapshots, but few realize the power of their phone..

Iphone Artistry

ISBN 10 : 1454701277
ISBN 13 : 9781454701279

A digital photography expert explains how to get the best and highest-quality images from Apple's popular smartphone, describing how to use the powerful and fun gadget as a serious..

Getting The Most From Instagram

ISBN 10 : 9780132875776
ISBN 13 : 0132875772

So, you’ve downloaded the free Instagram app for your iPhone, but how do you use it? What makes sharing your unique, faux-vintage photographs on Facebook so entertaining? Which c..

This Is Your Brain On Music

ISBN 10 : 1101218916
ISBN 13 : 9781101218914

In this groundbreaking union of art and science, rocker-turned-neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin explores the connection between music—its performance, its composition, how we lis..

The Best Camera Is The One That S With You

ISBN 10 : 0321684788
ISBN 13 : 9780321684783

Photographer Chase Jarvis reimagines, examines, and redefines the intersection of art and popular culture through images shot with his iPhone...

The Beauty Experiment

ISBN 10 : 9780738215433
ISBN 13 : 0738215430

I looked at my reflection and despaired. As an exhausted young mother I felt ugly and saw that a new dress or face cream would never help. I was at risk of passing on a habit of fe..

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