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Requirements Engineering For Computer Integrated Environments In Construction

ISBN 10 : 144431775X
ISBN 13 : 9781444317756

Efficient communication, collaboration, data exchange and sharing are crucial for the success of today's many multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary work environments. The implem..

Integrating Information In Built Environments

ISBN 10 : 9781351783279
ISBN 13 : 1351783270

In an increasingly globalised built environment industry, achieving higher levels of integration across organisational and software boundaries can lead to improved economic, social..

Building Maintenance Processes And Practices

ISBN 10 : 9789812872630
ISBN 13 : 9812872639

This book is designed to be an inclusive for the best practice approach to building maintenance management, where the processes, procedures and operational systems meet a high stan..

Caad Futures 1997

ISBN 10 : 9789401155762
ISBN 13 : 9401155763

Since the establishment of the CAAD futures Foundation in 1985 CAAD experts from all over the world meet every two years to present and at the same time document the state of art o..

Applied Building Physics

ISBN 10 : 9783433601273
ISBN 13 : 3433601275

The energy crises of the 1970s, persisting moisture problems, complaints about sick buildings, thermal, visual and olfactory discomfort, and the move towards more sustainability in..

Facilities Management

ISBN 10 : 9781405147590
ISBN 13 : 1405147598


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